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PLZ also offers a complete line of air fresheners with multiple fragrances for retail customers. You will find refreshing aromas for your branded and private label needs that eliminate most odors in homes.

Our branded air fresheners and odor eliminators leave a fresh scent that keeps consumers’ homes and kitchens smelling fresh and welcoming with our Fresh House™ brand of air fresheners. Puricit odor eliminator uses citrus-based odor deactivators proven to eliminate even the most stubborn odors such as fish, smoke, and mildew. PuriCit® Odor Eliminator bonds to and removes odors, leaving only a subtle, clean scent of citrus and it is safe to use in food preparation areas, coolers and will not stain carpeting or drapery.

  • Handheld and metered air fresheners
  • Dispensers
  • Fabric deodorizers
  • Room deodorizers
  • Odor eliminators
  • Odor neutralizers

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