The Leading Manufacturer Of Specialty Aerosol And Liquid Products

PLZ offers a premium line of high-performance adhesives for all types of bonds for industrial professionals. Our products are used in multiple industries including construction, fleet, automotive, marine, and aircraft. Additionally, we offer a line of products formulated especially for the screen print and graphic arts industries. Our specialized adhesives are perfect for a variety of textile applications. We offer:

  • Fabric & upholstery adhesive
  • Screen printers adhesive
  • Webbing screen printers adhesive
  • Contact cement & trim adhesive
  • Headliner, trim & laminating adhesive
  • Construction adhesive
  • Multi surface mist adhesive
  • Expandable insulating foam sealant
  • RTV silicone caulk & sealant
  • RTV silicone gasket maker
  • Cold pipe insulation