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Complete Line of Industrial


PLZ offers a premium line of high-performance adhesives industrial lubricants, greases, and degreaser for over 60 year for all types of industrial professionals. Our products are used in multiple industries including construction, fleet, automotive, marine, and aircraft. Additionally, we offer a line of products formulated especially for the screen print and graphic arts industries. Our specialized adhesives are perfect for a variety of textile applications.

AdhesivesLubricants & Degreasers


High-performance adhesives industrial lubricants, greases, and degreasers.

  • General Purpose Adhesives
  • Special Purpose Adhesives
  • Engine Compartment Adhesives
  • Polystyrene Foam Adhesive
  • General Purpose Remover
  • Specialty Remover Adhesive
  • Screen Printing Adhesive
  • Web Spray Adhesive
  • Flexible Vinyl Adhesive

Lubricants & Degreasers

Industrial maintenance products professionals rely on.

  • Citrus cleaners
  • Screen openers
  • Heavy-duty degreasers
  • Contact cleaners
  • Solvent degreaser
  • Graffiti remover
  • Coil cleaners
  • Industrial glass cleaner

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