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Granite Packaging

Granite Packaging

Our Name Says It All

Our name says it all… Solid as a Rock! The founders of Granite Packaging have more than 45 years of experience in the liquid and specialty filling industry. We are fully experienced in Automotive Appearance Products, Personal Care Products, Household Cleaning Products and Detergents. “Closely Held” as an ownership style, means attention to detail throughout our business plan. Customers will get the personal touch that is missing from the competition. Our intimate attention to costs provides our customers with the competitive edge needed in today’s business environment.

Granite Packaging LLC remains privately-owned and operated right in Social Circle, Georgia, in the heart of the Southeast. Since our company opened its doors, we’ve treated every customer like they are a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but we rival their best and compete with the added personal touch.

As part of the PLZ Aeroscience family of companies, Granite Packaging is backed by the resources of the largest custom aerosol packaging and manufacturing group in North America, making it the Right Choice today and into the future.
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45 Years Of Contract Packaging Experience


We offer the best contract packaging services in the Southeast – you get special one-on-one attention. Years of experience means our relationships are productive and a great bonus is that we typically cost less than the other guys. Remembering our customers are our priority, friendly staff makes certain you are 100% satisfied.

​Services and products include high-speed rotary ​as well as inline filling and ​packing of automotive ​appearance products, ​waxes, household cleaners, and degreasers, fragrances and polishes. Heated and cooled batching, any size or shape container, and on-time delivery are just a few of the assets we are known for.

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Full Laboratory Assistance

Formulation is not an issue. Our on-site chemist will help you develop and test your concept products. An extensive vendor selection gives you multiple opportunities to design and develop a complete package without leaving the facility. Cost savings abound at the opportunity to dial back the time clock with a one-stop approach to developing your products.

Quality Control

Based on Customer requirements: Items undergo a battery of documented quality control measures that compare to the best name brands in the country. Permanent quality control staff view and certify every unit prior to packaging, utilizing extensive written policies and procedures that can be customized to fit your needs.

Warehousing and Shipping Services

Take the reporting and notices out of your hands when we arrange your shipping to your customers. We can fulfill those mixed product lines as well as arrange containers to get you to your destination on time and remove potentially hundreds of thousands of cost dollars from your supply chain.

Many Automated Production Lines and Processes

We feature fast, reliable modern production equipment. We are able to apply pressure-sensitive labeling or we can apply your shrink sleeves to your products to meet or exceed national branded products quality. We service some of the finest companies in the country with the professional results expected. The blending tanks have weight scales for that exacting blending of formulas to provide exceptional quality and exacting cost compliance.

Precision Shrink Sleeving, Display Building, Heating and Cooling Processes among others….

We showcase our blending capabilities with our heated and cooled tanks. Added to this are accurate metering and flow measurements for precise compounding. Our capacity to receive bulk materials offers exceptional cost savings to the volume customers. These heated filling capability and rapid cooling chamber systems along with other specialty equipment will exceed your expectations. Also, remember to bring your shrink sleeve and clam shell projects to our team.

Case Labeling and Date Coding

We are capable of producing custom case labels utilizing multiple types of barcodes to ensure compatibility with your warehousing operations. This allows us to convert any and all of your product’s information, such as product identification, lot number, or case quantity, into an easily used barcode. We also offer date coding on all of the items we produce, regardless of the size or shape of the container. We can apply these to the individual product’s label or bottle to ensure that you always know the exact moment that particular item was produced.

We take pride in our broad capabilities and a wide selection of the best quality products. Everything we offer is created from raw materials supplied by trusted vendors and can be delivered to you or directly to your customer with great reliability.

Low and High Viscosity Items.

We produce and package everything from household cleaners to automotive detailing products and just about everything in between.

While the majority of our business is producing lower viscosity items, we also churn out high viscosity items such as shampoos, conditioners, and glue.

Not dealing with a liquid product?

We can take care of all of your packaging needs ranging from kits to plastic clam shelled applications.

Does your formula require heat?

We have more heat than you will ever need with our heated blending tank capable of reaching temperatures of over 100 degrees Celsius. On the opposite end of the temperature spectrum, we also have the ability to rapidly cool your product as it comes down the line.

No product is too big or too small.

Whether you need a 4 oz sample of your product for your next promotional event or a 250-gallon tote to supplement your own production needs, we have you covered.

Not comfortable giving out your 100-year-old secret recipe?

That’s not a problem either. We can step in anywhere in the manufacturing process to help reduce your costs while still meeting your needs. Whether you want us to produce a finished product from raw materials, use your formulated liquid to fill and package your product, or produce formulated liquid for your own production facility is entirely up to you. Simply put, if you have a product we can produce and package it for you. Still unsure as to whether or not we can produce or package your product?

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With 112,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space and 30 acres of parking for staging your trucking and a rail spur at your fingertips, what more do you need?

Granite Packaging LLC
1 Leggett Drive Social Circle,
GA 30025
Tel: (770) 464-0003
Hours: 8AM-4:30PM M-F


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