As the leading manufacturer of specialty aerosol products, the PLZ Aeroscience family formulates, blends, fills and packages more than 2,500 brand and private label products, including industrial solvents, lubricants and degreasers, adhesives, sanitary supply disinfectants, insecticides, cleaners, polishes, air fresheners and personal care products.

Our products adhere to all federal and VOC-regulated state requirements, and are compliant long before implementation deadlines to ensure our customers don't experience product changes and delivery interruptions due to formulation and labeling changes. PLZ Aeroscience sets a high standard in delivering quality products that position our customers to take their businesses into new markets and to the next level of success.

With the availability of the extensive PLZ Aeroscience line of products with proven market success, customers can expand product lines of existing brands or create new lines without the expense and delay of research and development.


With nearly a million square feet of manufacturing space in five North American facilities, PLZ Aeroscience has the capability to accommodate customers' large and small volume needs. Since 1947, PLZ Aeroscience companies have filled billions of aerosol cans for thousands of customers. In total, PLZ Aeroscience has 25 aerosol filling lines, and 9 liquid filling lines. PLZ Aeroscience has an annual capacity in excess of 450 million units, with each high-speed aerosol line filling as many as 300 cans per minute.

The newest facility, located in Pacific, Missouri, opened in 2011 and is a state-of-the-art manufacturing complex with 275,000 square feet of manufacturing space. At this location alone, PLZ Aeroscience has an annual capacity of 100 million units.

Stringent production guidelines and extensive quality control procedures ensure PLZ Aeroscience delivers only the highest quality products to customers. The investment in this facility is part of the company's growth strategy and is evidence of the long-term commitment PLZ Aeroscience has made to remaining a world-class manufacturer of high-quality aerosol products.