As the North American leader in specialty aerosol product manufacturing, the PLZ Aeroscience family of companies specializes in the development, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of a comprehensive line of contract fill, brand and private label products. We formulate, blend, fill and package more than 2,500 brand and private label products, including industrial solvents, lubricants and degreasers, adhesives, sanitary supply disinfectants, insecticides, cleaners, polishes, air fresheners, and personal care products.

Since 1947, we have filled billions of aerosol cans for thousands of customers. In fact, each PLZ Aeroscience company is a success story in itself with deep history, strong name recognition, and solid brand reputation across numerous industries.

PLZ Aeroscience sets a high standard in on-time delivery of quality products. Our products adhere to federal and state VOC-regulated requirements and are compliant long before implementation deadlines, which enables us to avoid product performance fluctuations and delivery interruptions due to formulation and labeling changes. It’s our privilege to support your entry to market and assist you in reaching the next level of success.

PLZ Aeroscience is a member of Pritzker Group which owns and operates market leading companies in the manufactured products, services and healthcare sectors. The firm’s history as an entrepreneurial family-owned enterprise and its permanent, proprietary capital base allow PLZ the flexibility to invest in serving its customers' needs over the long term. For more information, visit


PLZ Aeroscience customers can expand product lines of existing brands or create new lines without the expense or delay of research and development.

PLZ Aeroscience offers much more than simply aerosol and liquid packaging. Beginning with our chemists performing the necessary analytical work and ending with our production lines, we provide the finest services available.

In total, PLZ Aeroscience has

• 8 manufacturing locations
• Over 1.3M sq. ft. of manufacturing space
• Over 700,000 sq. ft. of warehousing space
• 38 aerosol, 9 liquid & 3 specialty filling lines
• Flexibility to execute 1-7 line changes per shift
• Annual capacity of up to 870M aerosol units
• High-speed lines capable of 300 cans per minute